Many Wellesley Neighbors members have attended concerts by the Wellesley Chamber Players at Dana Hall in the past.  Not able to offer live performances during the pandemic, the group is offering a virtual concert  on December 12. Click here for the details.


If you’re feeling nostalgic, you might like some videos about “The Sound of Music.” One option is to watch the ABC news segment about the 40th anniversary of the movie, with the original cast.  You can also see “The Story Behind The Sound of Music,” and conversations, including a yodeling lesson, with Julie Andrews and Maria Von Trapp.


Have you ever heard of Florence B. Price?  Click here to learn about her, the first major female African-American classical composer.  Although recognized during her lifetime (1888-1953) her compositions were lost until 2009.  You can also see a performance of her Symphony No. 3 in C Minor.


“Dancing with Fred Astaire”

N. T. Binh, a cinematographer and director living in France, made this compilation of dance scenes from Fred Astaire movies for Barbara Dent, an Australian author, to comfort her. Fred dances with Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland, Eleanor Powell, Rita Hayworth, and Cyd Charisse. The  30 minute film has subtitles in French.


“Standing on their shoulders” is a virtual tour of the history of women students at Harvard.  Click here for an introduction and a link to the tour.


in November

Have fun in Paris watching Vincent van Gogh art ALIVE - Atelier des LumiŹres (Paris, France) STARRY NIGHT. Lots of color, a feast for the eyes, and you can sing along!!!

Maggie Smith fans might enjoy an interview with her, which includes a conversation about her role in “Downton Abbey.”

How about 1 hour 40 minutes wafting above the Fiji Islands?  A relaxing way to get your mind off the winter worries

Learning about past pandemics might depress you or interest you.  If the latter, you can watch  the documentary, “The Spanish Flu and How the World Recovered (1918-1929).”  You can click on “Skip Ads” in the lower right corner  for a better viewing experience.


Visit the 25 Most Beautiful Medieval Towns of Europe.
Touristy, but you get to see old towns from north to south and east to west, all over the continent.  BUT there are ads.  To avoid them, click on “Skip Ads” on the lower right side of screen.  If a Skip Ads box comes up in the middle of the screen: don’t click the words, do click ‘x’ on the right side of the box.
Click here for the YouTube video.
Bon voyage!